4.2. Work with the National Park Service, NOVA Parks and other federal, state and regional bodies to elevate public awareness and access to their facilities and land in Arlington and ensure consistent experiences. 

The County should continue to promote high quality public spaces, resource protection, sound design of public spaces and facilities, and cooperative planning. 

4.2.1. Strengthen and maintain effective communications and cooperative planning with the National Park Service, NOVA Parks and others to ensure that Arlington’s interests are fully considered in their decisions about public spaces and natural resources in and adjacent to the County. 

4.2.2. Advocate for National Park Service trails to be connected to County trails and maintained to an agreed upon maintenance standard. 

Two major new connections of high importance are the future connection of Long Bridge Park and Rosslyn Esplanade to the Mount Vernon Trail and Potomac Riverfront.  

4.2.3. Create more seamless connections between County public spaces and those managed by other bodies. 

4.2.4. Collaborate with other entities to improve park and facility maintenance, erosion control, control of non-native invasive species, signage and trail markers.