2.6. Better coordinate planning for and management of trails. 

A variety of County and non-County entities manage trails in Arlington. The best trail user experience can be achieved by ensuring all entities are working in partnership to achieve common planning and management goals. 

2.6.1. Coordinate park or street projects with trail projects to ensure efficient use of funding, comprehensive planning and design and less impact on public space users. 

2.6.2. Work with the NPS, NOVA Parks and neighboring jurisdictions to explore developing new trail facilities on non-County land and ensure high standards of trail design, operation and management. 

2.6.3. Consider joining the Capital Trails Coalition or similar organizations to ensure that trail planning is coordinated region-wide. 

The Capital Trails Coalition is a collaboration of public and private organizations, agencies, and citizen volunteers working to advance completion of an interconnected network of multi-use trails for metropolitan Washington, DC. The Coalition convenes and coordinates among the public and private stakeholders who are critical to accomplishing the vision of an interconnected network.