6.1. Ensure maintenance standards are clear, consistently implemented and being met.

Clarifying and regularizing maintenance standards will ensure high-quality spaces across the entire system. 

6.1.1. Define and regularly review levels of maintenance standards for each type of indoor and outdoor facility to ensure consistency with maintenance policies and guidelines. 

Different types of public spaces and amenities may have varying levels of utilization that require different maintenance strategies and schedules. 

6.1.2. Collect and review data on replacing or renovating amenities and facilities based on life cycle/asset management, preventative maintenance and maintenance capital budget for replacement and renovation. (See also 4.6.2.) 

6.1.3. Establish levels of maintenance for public spaces based on usage and expected life cycle of the asset as well as special needs or sensitive habitats. 

6.1.4. Align maintenance practices with pollinator and beneficial insect habitat needs. 

Pollinators, including honey bees, native bees, birds, and butterflies, play a vital role in maintaining a diverse ecosystem. Maintenance practices such as limiting the width of mowed areas will help support important habitat areas and enhance users’ appreciation of the natural environment. However, mowing on a planned basis may still be needed to maintain a meadow-like habitat or to control invasive species. 

6.1.5. Train maintenance staff in management of sensitive natural areas and green stormwaterinfrastructure maintenance. 

6.1.6. Improve interdepartmental coordination to ensure that short- and long-term maintenanceand planning activities are well coordinated and appropriately scoped during all project phases. 

When designing a new project, include considerations for the maintenance of new and existing facilities, natural resources, trees and other park amenities. Also, take into account the site’s capacity and how maintenance staff will enter the park from the right-of-way and access the internal park amenities. 

6.1.7. Identify and encourage opportunities to share maintenance responsibilities with partner organizations and groups for efficiency.   

6.1.8. Ensure that maintenance techniques and standards are consistent between County agencies and Arlington Public Schools.   

6.1.9. Continue to train maintenance staff in accessibility concepts, and ensure maintenance safety checklists include maintaining universal access and accessibility.