2.4. Provide or make better connections to hiking trails. 

While it is critical to preserve our natural resource areas, public input during the PSMP update process revealed a strong desire for more hiking trails. The County will attempt to satisfy both goals by strategically placing new trails in areas that will provide additional hiking opportunities while minimizing impacts to the natural surroundings. 

2.4.1. Weigh the benefits of adding hiking trails to protected natural areas against the impacts to natural resources.  

2.4.2. Improve the quality of and increase access to Four Mile Run and Potomac tributary trails, such as the Potomac Heritage Trail. 

2.4.3. Show connections to hiking trails in neighboring jurisdictions on signage and in communication materials. 

In such a space-constrained and densely developed area as Arlington, it is prudent to make residents aware of other hiking amenities that might be a very short distance away, despite being located outside of the County.