5.1. Regularly evaluate program demand and adjust offerings. 

In order to provide the most up-to-date offerings best suited for residents’ needs and interests and population growth trends, program offerings will be periodically adjusted. 

5.1.1. Undertake a demand and capacity analysis of existing programs offered by DPR and program partners in Arlington County. 

5.1.2. Continue to monitor local and national recreation trends and best practices and incorporate new and innovative recreation programs to sustain community participation. 

Arlington County will strive to stay at the forefront of national trends and ideas about recreation and programming in order to best serve its residents (see Trends section). 

5.1.3. Conduct public input processes to assess and implement new program innovations. 

By eliciting public input, the County can avoid spending time and resources on new programs that may not be popular, and the process will give the public a stronger sense of ownership and inclusion in the future of programming in Arlington. 

5.1.4. Promote and increase the availability of programming that caters to diverse ages, interests and abilities. 

The Arlington community and the respective needs are continuously changing. Diverse programs for all ages that can be adjusted to reflect the changing needs should be available. For example, seniors are becoming more active than they were a decade ago, and the programming should respond to that emerging trend. 

5.1.5. Increase drop-in opportunities to allow more flexibility for residents and improve program participation.