4.4. Support and strengthen the County’s volunteer programs for public spaces. 

The County will continue to seek ways to increase the number of volunteer opportunities and make it as easy as possible to volunteer. This includes expanding and improving existing partnerships with volunteer programs — such as the successful Master Naturalists, Tree Stewards, and Master Gardeners programs — and identifying new opportunities for engaging volunteers. 

4.4.1. Explore strategies to improve coordination with volunteers to assist them with resources, allocations and repairs. 

4.4.2. Improve the system and strategies for volunteer recruitment, registration and tracking. 

An improved volunteer information system will enable the County to measure involvement and promote upcoming opportunities to those most interested. 

4.4.3. Periodically identify, evaluate, or revise the focus of volunteer programs to better support public spaces and to ensure volunteers are adequately supported by staff. 

4.4.4. Expand the reward and recognition system for volunteers. 

4.4.5. Promote and encourage the expansion of “Adopt-a-” programs (e.g., Adopt-a-Park, Adopt-a-Stream, Adopt-a-Field, Adopt-a-Trail). 

These programs enable groups, businesses and individuals to sponsor a park, trail, stream or field, report needed repairs and maintenance and possibly take on projects in coordination with County staff. 

4.4.6. Encourage volunteer days with companies, institutions, non-profits and other large organizations. 

Relationships with universities and friends’ groups, in particular, play important support roles for their neighborhoods and the public spaces within them. 

4.4.7. Encourage volunteerism through County-wide events. 

Events like “It’s My Park Day,” City Nature Challenge and bioblitzes will increase the County’s volunteer capacity and will increase awareness of the public space system.