4.3. Support the establishment of nonprofit groups or umbrella foundations dedicated to public space advocacy, fundraising, and implementation of public spaces and programs.

New organizations could further support public spaces by enabling constituents to get involved as well as enabling individuals and families to include Arlington’s public spaces in their planned giving and bequests. 

4.3.1. Look for opportunities to create new partnerships with organizations to maximize the intended use of public spaces and revise existing agreements to ensure mutually beneficial outcomes. 

For example, the Rosslyn Business Improvement District (BID) regularly programs special events at Gateway Park, which activates the space and provides opportunities to build community. Another example is an agreement between DPR and Rivendell Elementary School which permits the public to use the private school’s gym after hours in exchange for the shared use of the County’s public playground during school hours. Future opportunities could also be explored as a part of the implementation of the County’s Child Care Initiative. 

4.3.2. Identify and acknowledge partnerships with individuals, groups, corporations and foundations to support defined projects in parks and public spaces. 

For example, the Arlington Sports Foundation partnered with the County to provide the additional funding needed to convert the diamond field at Gunston Park to synthetic turf, along with additional support coming from the Arlington County Diamond Field Fund. 

4.3.3. Explore opportunities to work with developers, investors and other potential partners to facilitate the TDR tool. 

4.3.4. Develop a donor engagement strategy (including community-based donors). 

The County has an opportunity to further promote the public space system and engage with the community through defined philanthropic opportunities. 

4.3.5. Develop sponsorship opportunities to help underwrite and offset operating costs for programs and services. 

4.3.6. Develop a guide that communicates the process for becoming a partnership organization that works with the County to improve public spaces. 

The process for becoming a partner organization with the County should be clearly communicated and easy to navigate. 

4.3.7. Continue to track measurable outcomes of partnership agreements and regularly share progress with the public. 

More comprehensive tracking of partnership agreements will assist the County in evaluating what partnership structures work best and what partnership agreements need adjusting.